USB-C PD Fast Charging 100W

CASA Hub A01 USB 3.1 USB Type C (USB-C) 6 Port Hub

【 Multiple ports for multiple using 】
Charge while using all the peripherals you need with its two USB 3.1 Type-A ports, USB 3.1 Type-C, HDMI, Ethernet, and SD card reader. Standalone USB Hub compound device with a keyboard, mouse, storage, etc.

【 No proprietary drivers needed 】
Compatible with macOS, Windows 8/10, and even Linux.

【 Free of interference 】
Charge directly without worrying about electromagnetic interference.
Store Serial # 000065 | Item # 4714781448833

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2022-04-19 20:13 pm
Is it compatible with Nintendo Switch?

No, it isn"t. Because of the restriction of Nintendo policy.

2021-09-02 08:53 am
Can I use the charger adapter of my MacBook Pro 13.3. with Casa HUB 3.1 Type 6 in 1?

Yes, you can.

2021-03-31 00:24 am
Does it support video capture from HDMI?

No, it doesn"t. You"ll need a video capture device for that specific use.

2021-02-23 04:34 am
This device is compatible with new Apple MacBook Pro with M1?

Yes, it is compatible with the new M1 MacBook Pro.

2020-12-09 16:41 pm
The Ethernet port of my Adam Elements CASA Hub A01 USB 3.1 USB Type C (USB-C) 6 Port Hub has stopped working since I have upgraded my MacBook Pro 15 to Big Sur 11.0.1. Do you know of any chipset (i.e. ASIX) compatability issues with your product and the latest version of macOS

Please see this article I found:
**UPDATE FOR macOS 11 BIG SUR: As of the 11/12/2020 release of Big Sur, multiple brands of Ethernet adapters, including Plugable, utilizing ASIX ICs are incompatible with macOS 11. These changes are a result of Apple’s implementation of DriverKit, detailed below, and changed requirements for drivers and installation in 10.15.For more information, please find our blog post here.

Kind regards, Andrew Hill

According to your issue, please refer to the below information for your reference:

When MacOS is revised, there will be some changes in the system, especially in the network part, it is easy to encounter some situations. In current MacOS, you can troubleshoot this problem through "Network" in "System Preferences". On the left side of the Network page, you can see which devices are currently connected. Things like "WiFi", "Bluetooth" or "Wired Network (USB 10/100/100 LAN)" will appear here.

If the light is green, it means it is in use.
A yellow light indicates that you are connected but cannot access the Internet. (Like if the company needs a specific IP or network share is abnormal)
A red light means that the device has not been activated.

At 10.14 (including earlier versions)
You can reset the entire network settings in "Network" by adding a "Location" (at the top middle of the screen).
1. Click "Auto" to the right of "Position" and select "Edit Position". A new window will pop up at this time. Press "+" to add a new position. If the name hasn"t been set, it will become "Untitled". This name will not affect the next operation.
2. Then please switch the "Location" to the "Unnamed" just added, and then click "Apply" in the lower right corner of the "Network" page.
3. Reconnect A01 and see if you have caught a new "network device".
Then you can connect to the Internet about 5 seconds after you reconnect the network cable.

At 10.15
This revision is not the same as the previous situation.
But you can also follow the three steps in 10.14 and see if the network is connected.
4. If not connected, please switch the "position" back to the original "auto".
After switching back to "Auto", the original "USB 10/100/1000 LAN" light should jump to green light.

Hope the above information will help to wipe your problem.

Thank you.

2020-04-16 02:13 am
Is the CASA Hub A01 USB 3.1 USB Type C (USB-C) 6 Port Hub, compatible with the iPad Pro 12,9" 2019 (3rd Generation), running the latest iPadOS? If so can I connect the iPad Pro, using the Hub ethernet port to my Home ethernet service?

Best Regards
José Moreira

Yes, the CASA Hub A01 is compatible with the iPad Pro 12.9 2019. and you can use the Ethernet port to work with your Home Ethernet Service.

2019-08-27 14:47 pm
CASA Hub A01 USB 3.1 USB Type C (USB-C) 6 Port Hub goes into some type of sleep mode and lose connection to the network or HDMI. have to unplug power source and reconnect to wake drive again. Are there any updated drivers or firmware to stop the network port from going into sleep mode. this happen to all 5 hubs we bought.

Hello there,

Yes, please find the firmware here:

Thank you!

2018-12-19 02:05 am
Hi, does this HUB work on Android devices? I would like to use it on Samsung devices such as Samsung S8, Samsung S9 and Tablet Samsung Tab S4 which have Usb C input.

Hi There,

Basically, it works depend on these Samsung devices specification. These devices specification may a little bit different from other regions. Please ask the local distributor or retailer of Samsung for more information about specification.

Best Regards,

Adam Store

2018-12-15 23:01 pm
Ist der Hub kompatibel mit dem neuen Apple iPad pro 11" mit USB C Anschluss?

Dear Customer,

Our A01 is compatible with the new iPad Pro 11"

Best Regards,

Adam Store

2018-11-13 05:58 am
when I connect the hub to a Macbook Pro 2018 the wifi goes down, is it normal?

Hi there,

No, shouldn"t be normal. I recommend you to send us an email if you want to exchange the product.

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